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    The new Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood complex near Miami, Florida (USA), set to make its debut in 2019, has been described as the first building the world thats truly to scale designed as an authentic guitar.

    This 638-room hotel in the Seminole complex has been designed to resemble two back-to-back guitars. Though it might be the largest guitar building, the Seminole structure will not be the first. In 1996, architect Glenn Williams designed a guitar house for himself that was inspired by Picassos cubist rendering of the instrument.

    The new 140-metre tower will feature blue glass windows, several restaurants, lounges and a 41,000 sq ft spa. The other main feature of the property will be a 10-acre lagoon-style pool. At the centre of the pool complex will be private villas surrounded by waterfalls, with private plunge pool access and butler service. The complex will also include a large casino, beach club dining and water sport activities. The 5,500-seat Hard Rock Live arena on the property will soon be completely demolished and replaced with a 7,000-seat theatre-style venue housing its own television studio and broadcast centre.

    Geetha Balachandran

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    Actor Gurunandan had no trouble relating to his character in Raju Kannada Medium because he could easily connect instances from his own life with his role. The story traces the life of a young man who studies in a Kannada medium, completes his higher education and goes abroad in search of a job. He is asked to learn English but he prefers to communicate in Kannada and wonders why he has to learn another language just to be able to survive. The film delves into the importance of preserving ones culture and language. In an interview with Nina C George, Gurunandan, talks about the making of Raju Kannada Medium.

    What is different about Raju Kannada Medium?

    Everybody who has studied in their respective native language will be able to feel one with the instances shown in the film. The film looks at the life of Raju during his school, college and later when he starts working. Why Raju has been asked to learn English and what happens when he opposes learning it, forms the heart of the story.

    You seem to have lost a lot of weight for your role. Tell us about it?

    I had to lose 10 kg to fit into the character. We shot the movie for over a year because we had to depict the life of a boy at three stages of his life --- school, college and later when he starts working.

    How was it for you to emotionally depict the three stages?

    Rajus life in school was all about infatuation and love. His life takes a turn in college when he begins to grow out of that infatuation and looks at life in a practical way. I could relate to all the emotions.

    Is this film related to your previous project, First Rank Raju?

    First Rank Raju was about a boy who secures a first rank and comes to the city in search of a job. This is about a boy who studies in a Kannada medium and works to preserve the language.

    On working with Sudeep...

    Sudeeps character plays an important part in changing the course of Rajus life. Sudeep is a wonderful co-star and gave me a lot of confidence.

    What are the similarities between your real life and the character?

    The situations portrayed in the life of Raju are a lot like what I experienced in my youth. I studied in a
    Kannada medium instruction and lived in a small town, before I relocated to the city. I could fully understand the challenges faced by Raju.

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  • 01/17/18--22:46: All eyes on the screen
  • The Supreme Courts stay on notifications and orders issued by Rajasthan and Gujarat prohibiting exhibition of Padmaavat the film in their states has been welcomed by filmmakers from Sandalwood.

    Actor-director-producer Rakshit Shetty is excited about the SCs move to stay the ban. "This is a welcome move for all filmmakers. When a film goes to the Censor Board it is scrutinised. Once this happens and corrective measures are taken to release the movie, it should be the final say. Im glad that this has been respected," he says.

    Director Pawan Kumar says, "I am excited that freedom of expression has won over fringe. This is an encouraging and positive move and will set an example for moviemaking in the future."

    "There is so much paperwork involved which can be really exhausting. When its a historical movie, recreating things are very expensive. Whenever a film is made with such a vision, the first thought on the writers mind is who will get offended by the film. Filmmakers at the writing stage itself decide not to tread this path and such protests add to the mental block," he says.

    Director Hemanth Rao of Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu fame says that filmmaking is a two-way street where the responsibility of the filmmaker and the ability of the audience to let filmmakers express themselves, comes in the picture. "Freedom of expression is one of the most debatable issues in our country. Everybody has an opinion and everybody has the right to their own belief system which creates paradoxical situations sometimes. We are not a country of goons and we need to remember this always," he says.

    Hemanth adds that the stay on the ban of films by the Supreme Court upholds the authority of the Censor Board and makes sure it is the last word when it comes to films. "If the CBFC had banned the film then such a situation was understandable. Im happy that the decision of the Censor Board is being respected," he adds.

    Director P C Shekar is excited that the movie has got the green flag from the SC. "This is a big step for filmmakers across the country. A movie by a director like Sanjay Leela Bhansali is always well-researched. I am very happy that this is being honoured by the authorities. As a director and as an audience member, I was looking forward to the release of the movie," he says.

    As a director, he feels relieved and confident. "I have an upcoming movie called Terrorist which requires a lot of experimentation. I am glad about this move. Justice does prevail!"

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  • 01/17/18--22:58: A trail of trash
  • The BBMP is contemplating finding an alternative space for vendors who are located near the entrance of Lalbagh, Cubbon Park and in and around the CBD areas. This is being done to prevent people from littering these areas.

    People frequenting these places have welcomed the decision and hopes it will be implemented and enforced on an immediate basis. Lalbagh is a favourite spot with walkers and Ganesh S, an employee with Tech Mahindra, who has visited the place many times, says that he has seen vendors at the entrance of Lalbagh and also inside it. He feels that instead of displacing vendors, the authorities could have a designated space near the park where the vendors can carry on with their business.

    "It is unfair to completely evict the vendors because they are, like anyone of us, earning their livelihood. Vendors should be educated who in turn must educate people, who buy items from them, to throw used plates and cups into the dustbin rather than throw it just anywhere in the park," says Ganesh. Sharing her experience, Saisudha Sugavanam, an entrepreneur, recalls an incident when she saw one of the vendors at Cubbon Park, clicking her pictures when she went there with her four-year-old daughter.

    "My daughter and I were visiting Cubbon Park when I suddenly spotted a vendor taking my picture. I didnt have the energy to confront him but that incident stayed with me for a long time, because I wondered what he would do with my pictures. There were no policemen to monitor the activities of these vendors," says Saisudha. She feels waste collects more around where the vendors are stationed. "I find well-dressed people buying food from vendors and later throwing the waste in the park. The basic civic sense seems to be missing among people. I dont see a dustbin placed anywhere near the vendor," adds Saisudha.

    A senior official with the BBMP informs that plans are afoot to find a designated space for vendors. "We want to make sure the spaces around Lalbagh and Cubbon Park are kept clean. The Tender SURE roads around the CBD areas do not permit vendors. Repeated warnings to vendors doesnt seem to have had any impact," says the official.

    While the officials are making grand plans, citizens like Mahesh Kumar, a fitness trainer, feels the authorities are not taking concerted efforts to relocate the vendors.

    He has been regularly training at Lalbagh for the last four years. "Vendors will not be stationed near parks and other public places without the knowledge of the BBMP authorities. Had they issued a strong warning, the vendors would have left the place. The authorities should be more alert because debris inside Lalbagh and outside it is increasing by the day," concludes Mahesh.

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  • 01/17/18--23:00: Savouring sweet moments
  • I usually get up very early in the morning everyday because of my shoots. My schedule also has gym classes four times a week. So, definitely my weekend has to start with me lazying in the bed and not stressing about getting up early.

    I usually avoid gymming on the weekends and instead, go for a nice, long walk. It is a time for me to breathe in some fresh air as most of my time is spent travelling in the car. There are times when I dont see the morning sky at all. So I long for fresh air and greenery or just being amidst nature.

    I also make time to catch up with my mother and my husband on weekends because we dont usually get time together. Weekends are the only time when we meet each other for a good conversation.
    Our meal times are usually very chatty and long during weekends.

    Im quite thankful to my husband for adjusting to my schedule. We make sure to spend quality time with each other whenever we get time. Our days are usually filled with long chats and getting a glimpse of whats happening in each others lives.

    There is one thing I feel sad about is and that is the influence of television and technology on us as human beings.

    We have forgotten to connect with each other on a one-on-one level or have family dinners without getting distracted by our phones. That is why I insist that we dont watch television or have any kind of digital influence on us when we are together.

    For rejuvenating myself after a long week and prepping up for the week ahead, I also visit a spa or a parlour for a head massage. Its relaxing and I love that. Saturday evening is the time for me to catch up with my friends.

    Since I travel 60 to 70 km every day for work, I prefer to stay at home unless its extremely important. This is the reason why I keep my choice of favourite restaurants near my house. Most of the time, we order food and call our friends over. We then catch up on a good movie. Before I go to bed, I love to read a book and fall asleep.

    I am a foodie and have a huge sweet tooth. I love to relish desserts, so one day I just let go and satiate my sweet cravings. By the way, I make very good Banoffee pies.

    I choose one weekend or one holiday of the month to buying dress material. This is because I design all my outfits for my show. All that I wear for my character on Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai are my personal outfits.

    Either, I get them made or buy them myself. I completely adore this process. In fact, I have almost made 300 outfits for myself. The entire process of styling my own character is an enriching and meditative experience.

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  • 01/17/18--23:02: A Mayan surprise!
  • My husband Thejas and I were tracking Belize, a small country in Central America, for months together. We discovered that this beauty has one foot in the jungle and the other in the Atlantic Ocean. It seemed to have all the right elements for adventure with a culture of its own. Soon enough, we decided to visit this amazing country.

    We started our week-long vacation from the beautiful little village of Hopkins in southern Belize. Hopkins is a friendly, slightly scruffy coastal village providing a perfect taste of local Garifuna culture. Our accommodation was at a local B&B run by a very charismatic and passionate Garifuna business woman.

    On the first day, we went snorkelling with Captain Breeze, a grizzly old local fisherman who looked like he had spent all his life in the sun and the ocean. This was our first glimpse of the Barrier Reef.

    On the second day Uhwanie, our host, guided us through a half-day cultural immersion. We dressed ourselves up in traditional Garifuna attire and harvested our coconuts and planktons from the trees. These were going to be our ingredients for cooking their traditional meals.

    That was not all. We took drumming lessons from the local drummer who took us through the most popular Garifuna beats. Soon it was time to take memories from our time in Hopkins and drive to San Ignacio.

    San Ignacio is vibrant and one of the bigger cities in Belize. We had booked a farm house on Airbnb, away from the city centre. This farm was located in the Spanish lookout area which is a thriving Mennonite community. One could see people still commuting on horses and in carts.

    Our classy log cabin was in the middle of lush green farm with cattle and forest land adjoining it. It was a peaceful and a beautiful place. Once inn San Ignacio, we went to this spectacular Maya archaeological site called Xunantanuich. This site may have been occupied by the ancient Mayans as early as 1,000 BC as a village. From the top of EI Castilo, we saw a spectacular 360-degree-view of the surrounding region.

    What we were going to see next was the highlight of our vacation. It was the Actun Tunichil Muknal Caves, commonly known as the ATM caves. This was the most unforgettable and adventurous experience of our life.

    We along with four other Canadians and a guide went on for an underground tour into what the ancient Mayans called Xibalba. The entrance to this three-mile-long cave is in the foothills of the Maya Mountains.

    We started our tour with a 45-minute-hike through lush jungle and had to swim across three roaring rivers to get to the cave entrance. From this point, to get into the cave, we started with a frosty swim across a deep pool. The cave is darker than any darkness I have ever seen in my life.

    The only source of light is from the headlamps on our helmets. After walking, climbing, sliding, twisting and turning through the rocks in neck deep water and on slippery slopes for an hour or so, we reached a massive opening where we saw the remains of a once thriving ritualistic site used by the Mayans.

    We saw sites used for the ceremonial fire littered with hundreds of pottery vessels and other accessories that were used for the ceremonies. Much more shockingly, we saw dozens of human remains -- skulls, bones from the sacrifices that were done to please the gods during times of drought and other calamities. We returned feeling a sense of accomplishment.

    We also got a chance to visit the local Mayan Chocolate Factory and Blue Hole National Park and strolled through the streets of San Ignacios man market street.Our final destination of the journey was the laidback island of Caye Caulker. This tiny island is probably six to seven kilometres long. The only traffic signs in the island instructs golf carts and bicycles to go slow, and these instructions are taken seriously!

    We went snorkelling at two sites close to Caye Caulker â€" Caye Caulker Marine Reserve and Hol Chan Marine Reserve, both of which promised exquisite marine life. It was incredibly beautiful with mindblowing visibility. We swam in the deep open ocean with turtles, sharks, sting rays, manatees and eels. We even saw a shipwreck from the 1960s underwater! Being in the water and looking at the incredible coral reefs and marine life, taking deep breaths through our snorkel gear, time started to pause and everything seemed even more beautiful, one breath at a time.

    This trip, to say the least, was an unâ€"Belizable experience for us.

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  • 01/18/18--17:04: Celebrate salad month
  • Current dietary wisdom dictates that to mitigate all the indulgences of the holidays, January becomes the month of eating salad. Everywhere you look, youll see recipes for satisfying salads for dinner, portable salads for lunch - even breakfast salads, if your need for bodily atonement runs that deep.

    This is all good in theory, but in terms of seasonality, it can be challenging. Whats the best way to eat salad in winter when lettuces and other greens are at their wilting worst? The solution is to cut back on the fragile leafy greens in your salad bowl, and ramp up vegetables of a more robust order.

    Root cause

    Roots and squashes; mushrooms; and sturdy stalks and bulbs like celery, fennel and onions are viable, easy-to-find options. Roasting not only makes them sweet and wonderfully tender, it also gives you the perfect excuse to crank up the oven.

    A dinner-worthy salad can be a combination of roasted golden beets, radishes and winter squash that do the heavy lifting, while the green matter - herbs, scallions and frisée (or a decent-looking lettuce) - act more as a bright, refreshing garnish. This is all rounded out by a sprinkling of toasted pumpkin seeds for crunch, and pecorino cheese for a salty tang.

    Although in general I adore the sweetness of roasted red beets, golden ones are better. Earthy and savoury, golden beets are a more sympathetic partner to winter squash, which becomes deeply caramelised and velvety in the ovens high heat. Red beets can be almost cloying here, but if theyre all you have, squeeze on some extra lime juice to offset the added sweetness.

    Dress it right

    No matter which beets you use, the dressing - an assertive mix of lime juice, anchovies and garlic - adds just the right pungency to perk up all the honeyed flavours, especially those of the squash. And note that if you cant find delicata squash, other winter varieties such as honey nut, acorn, butternut or sweet dumpling make fine substitutes.

    With its vibrant mix of colours, flavours and textures, this is a salad youll want to make all winter long - whether youre trying to balance the cookies of December or just craving a little brightness as the winter creeps on.

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  • 01/18/18--17:10: Goodness of sweet cinnamon
  • Cinnamon is probably the favourite spice of many people all over the world: Its sweet note with an undercurrent of spiciness and its warm, aromatic fragrance has made it an instant favourite in kitchens and coffee bars, with chewing gum manufacturers, mouth-freshener brands and patisseries. And, in recent years, cinnamon has crossed the boundaries of the kitchen into the most unlikely of places: spas, hand-made soap stores, perfumeries, boutique candle stores, etc.(...)

    Curiously, even though the spice is ubiquitous, the use of cinnamon is very different in the two hemispheres. In the West, you will almost always find it in bakery products, puddings, cakes and spiced sweet beverages like hot chocolate and cappuccinos. In the East, it forms a part of a set of spices that is added to meaty curries but seldom, if ever, to sweets.

    China connect

    One possible reason for this marked difference in usage of cinnamon is because the spice has a twin brother (or sister, if you prefer). Depending on whom you ask, and where you are from, cinnamon gets mistaken for its twin more often than youd think. Confused? Let me explain. We are talking about two spices that are so similar that most people have no idea that they are different from each other. One is the thick outer bark of the evergreen tree Cinnamomum cassia. It is what most of us in India get when we ask the spice seller for dalchini. The flavour is sweet but there is an undertone of heat to it that goes superbly well with rich (or hot) ingredients, whether sweet or savoury. Thus, spice blends that include this type of cinnamon are usually used to cook red meats like lamb or beef. But heres the thing: its not cinnamon at all, its cassia bark.

    At one point in history, most of the worlds cassia came from China, although today cassia bark is also grown in Indonesia and Vietnam, and in a modest amount in Kerala. In fact, thats why we refer to it as dal-Chini or bark of China! (We often dont realise how origins play a vital role in the naming of a food: The Arab worlds reference to tamarind as Lamar-al-Hind or dates from India, for instance, has now slipped into common usage without many of us being none the wiser.) True cinnamon is grown only on the island of Sri Lanka. (...)

    Though true cinnamon grows nowhere else in the world but Sri Lanka, cassia grows in China, Kerala, Indonesia and Vietnam and each variety is different, depending on the provenance. Vietnamese cassia is slightly less coarse in texture, a bit thinner and has less heat than its Indian counterpart. As a very general rule, cassia is used in eastern cuisines for curries and savouries while cinnamon makes it to the western world which uses it in sweets, baking and in coffee. (...)

    While true cinnamon is mostly used in the West to flavour sweets and breads, in countries like India, Mexico, the Middle East and South East-Asia, cassia is absolutely vital in biryani, kormas, rendang curries, pilafs and mole.

    Varied flavours

    In India, in particular, although cassia is used mostly in conjunction with meats, there are a few examples of it being combined with vegetarian tea-time snacks. Gujarati bhakarwadi, for instance, features a sheet of dough made from wheat-flour layered with a spicy mixture strongly flavoured with cinnamon and cloves, rolled over, cut into slices and deep-fried in ghee. It is available in virtually every snack shop in Gujarat and it is a bit disconcerting to encounter the flavours at first. But then, all that ghee has to be made digestible, and what could be a more expeditious - and tasty - way of doing that, than to add ground cassia and cloves into the mix. Bhakarwadi has found its way to neighbouring Maharashtra as well, especially in Pune where it is available at every corner shop selling savouries.

    However, bhakarwadi is the rare exception of a tea- ­time snack to use aromatic spices. For the most part, cinnamon is used in tandem with cloves and green and/ or black cardamom and pepper in kebabs or main-course preparations that involve meats such as lamb, chicken and beef. In addition, cinnamon is ground into spice mixes such as garam masala, potli masala, even chana masala, wherever a hit of aroma is required. In Indian cuisine, it would be difficult to find cinnamon on its own, without the support of its companions, just as it would be challenging to find only cumin or only coriander in the vast panoply of Indian preparations.

    From curries of lamb and beef to buns, breads and pudding, cinnamon seems to appeal to all kinds of palates, but that is only a fraction of what the spice can be used for. My grandmothers favourite remedy for a cold was a warm cup of water with honey, lemon and cinnamon. She even recommended oiling hair every week with a touch of powdered cinnamon and honey added to the oil. But thats not all. Because of its anti-fungal properties, it is used everywhere from room fresheners to spa treatments. Because it promotes the production of collagen, it is used in rejuvenating creams, and in lip-balms for its warm, rich fragrance. Diabetologists often advise patients to consume cinnamon powder first thing in the morning, along with their medicine, since it has properties that lower triglycerides and cholesterol.

    (An excerpt from The Flavour of Spice, Hachette India)

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  • 01/18/18--17:14: For stunning smokey eyes
  • Smoky eyes in different variations complete a party make-up. To make them extra long-lasting, it is best to spend some time to get the groundwork done. Heres a step-by-step guide on how to apply eyeshadow with three matching colours - highlight, transition shade and a darker shade.

    Step 1: First, create a neutral base. Use a synthetic brush or your finger to apply some eye base on the lid up to the brow bone in a thin layer and allow it to dry a little. Redness or blue discolorations get covered up and the surface is smooth and ready for the next steps.

    Step 2: Apply the transition colour with a medium-sized brush. Blend the colour beginning from the outer corner along the crease.

    Step 3: With a small, soft blending brush, apply the highlighter under the brow bone and in the inner corner of the eyes.

    Step 4: Draw a line with a soft eyeliner close to the lash line and blend the colour up to the crease. One of the golden rules when creating smoky eyes is to avoid harsh lines. So blend the colour carefully with a brush.

    Step 5: Use a small blending brush to blend the darker shade in the outer corner of the crease and softly blend out. Repeat this step until you get the desired intensity.

    Step 6: For the lower lash line, use the soft liner up to middle of the eye and softly blend the colour out. However, dont go further, as your eyes will end up looking smaller.

    Step 7: Apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes. It lengthens, gives volume and separates for perfect lashes. Apply the mascara twice for extra dimension.

    Extra Tip: Build the colours until you have the desired intensity. Dark shades should never be applied directly until the desired point, but should be blended out subtly to create a soft look.

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  • 01/18/18--17:16: A vegan experience
  • Have you ever been in a situation where you are undergoing a facial and wondered what ingredients are in the cream or face scrub or pack someone is applying on your face only to be told that its some random store-bought product? Well, when I posed the same question to my therapist Sunitha at Vedaearth Lounge, Bengalurus first vegan spa in Jayanagar, she elaborated on each and every ingredient used as part of my facial. What more, every product was vegan too, which means all the ingredients were all cruelty-free with no animal by-products, no harsh chemicals or parabens in them.

    Divya Dinesh, the founder and CEO, Vedaearth, elaborated on the vegan philosophy. "Vedaearth is a combination of Ayurvedic traditions and aromatherapy. Our speciality is in choosing natures best active ingredients. Unlike common belief, vegetarian products are not entirely cruelty-free. But vegan products are. Moreover, people are becoming more aware of such things and want to use products that contain less chemicals. When you choose vegan products, you are contributing to something big."

    Pure indulgence

    Among all the services listed out on the 11-page long menu of Vedaearth, the treatment that immediately caught my eye was the clear cleanse facial, a signature treatment of Vedaearth. The card read: "indulge in a facial that not only reduces pigmentation and blemishes, but also leaves your skin visibly brighter and lighter." What more, the treatment was 75 minutes long! Would I even stay for that long? I wondered. But the facial is so evenly paced and timed that I never felt overworked or fatigued.

    Like any other facial, clear cleanse facial too began with a simple face wash and face scrub, which was then followed by some steaming and blackhead removal. But unlike other places, which would probably bid goodbye to you soon if not immediately after this step, Vedaearth goes two steps further with a cleansing oil massage and pigmentation oil massage. Using oil on the face sounds risky, but Sunitha explained that these oils are lighter than others and can be easily absorbed by the skin. They sink into the deeper layers of your skin, moisturising it, and is also more effective in removing dirt from the skin.

    And this is where the vegan principle of Vedaearth comes to fore. Using a combination of soft and hard strokes, Sunitha massaged benzoin, turmeric and cypress oil on my face, all the while educating me about the many benefits of this exercise. For instance, benzoin oil has astringent properties that help tone muscles. Turmeric oil, on the other hand, improves skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles. Cypress oil, which has sedative properties, regulates the blood flow to your skin. But what also added to my experience was the heady aroma of these essential oils that calmed my frayed nerves to a great extent.

    After all the heavy-duty action, my face turned all hot. But then came the best bit: the face pack, which had ingredients like mango ginger, white turmeric, multani mitti, aloe extracts, dried rose petals and more. The beautiful smelling paste instantly cooled my face. Around 15 to 20 minutes later, Sunitha came back to wash off the pack and massaged my neck and back area, bringing the entire experience to a wholesome end.


    After the initial oiliness vanished, my face looked squeaky clean and sported a sheen I had never seen before. This facial certainly had reached the deeper layers of my skin and took care of the underlying problems. It was truly a clear cleanse. Seventy five minutes with natures chosen ingredients certainly turned out to be a good bet.

    I would recommend this treatment to those who have time on their hands and love feeling indulged with every spa service, big or small. And if something as personal as a spa treatment does contribute to a bigger cause, why wouldnt you go for it?

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  • 01/18/18--17:18: Be a trend setter
  • As a new year kicks off, the hunt for new trends begins and were always looking a season ahead to find the next it item or style. Its part of our DNA as fashion lovers to take a moment to assess what is really going in our closets in the new season. 2017 has given us a lot of styles that have dominated the runways, trickled down to fast-fashion, and sneaked in the store shelves. These are the trends that will have a lasting effect on the industry, i.e. theyre guaranteed to have a lasting effect as the new year commences. Lets check out the upcoming trends or styles that will rule the year.

    Voila! violet

    Although Pantone has stated that "ultra violet" is the colour of the year, we are banking on the softer shades of lavender to take over instead. While it will be an alternative to millennial pink, it will give out a top-notch presence in every silhouette, right from boho playsuits to romantic dresses. Standing for hope and positivity, this uplifting hue will be a hit in 2018.

    Roaring ruffles

    While off-shoulders and cold shoulders were the top few styles in 2017, ruffles seem to be at the peak this coming season. Ranging from delicate frills to oversized layers, dramatic decorations on the apparel, the year will see ruffles as an emerging trend. Youll notice ruffles go hand in hand with the modern romance feel for 2018. The prints and colours are light and airy, complete with feminine touches which youll definitely fall for.

    Slip it on!

    There is nothing we like more than a super-comfy fashion trend like a slide or a slip-on sandal. The love for sneakers and athleisure has paved way for these in the coming season. Slides, as a trend, in the previous seasons have evolved time and again. Right from sneaky slides to loafer slip-ons, the trend is transforming every day. From sophisticated minimalism to all about comfort, youll find these flat sandals are worth clearing your shoe closet for.

    Check mate

    The prints that have dominated the runways this season are plaids, tartans, and checks. Checks, among the others, is surely going to surpass, as this print can be seen everywhere; right from fall runways to the streets. Being a classic print from earlier seasons, youll find checks popping up on shirts, pants, skirts and even on the jackets in the coming season.

    Vintage flora

    Florals are all about playing with fashion and embracing the joy and romance of spring. For those less willing to live in bloom all season long, the floral trend still continues to make its presence felt in the coming season, with the printed palazzos, slip dresses, skirts and everything else that retailers can put a flower on. And when it comes to mixing the pastels and florals, they create a vintage vibe altogether. This seasons florals come in soft pastel colours with vibrant hues.

    Hold up high

    Fashion is pretty spiral and always turns to the past for inspiration, thats why we see a comeback of 70s and 80s trends when we look at the latest summer pants collections. So, the best trousers to choose are flowy printed pants, jogger pants, harem pants, all sort of wide leg trousers, culottes etc. Basically, high-waist styles are going to be a top trend with a lot of additions to give you style as well as comfort.

    Dainty fusion

    Fusion, the word itself means a blend and when it comes to combining different, disparate dress elements, its even more awesome! The Indo-western fusion has been one of the biggest and most versatile fashion trends in India. Looking at the last years styles, the fusion of the Indian fabrics or prints in the western silhouettes and vice versa can be foreseen for the next season.

    Make a statement

    If you are looking for an accessory that is going to make a statement this year, then choose earrings that will dust your shoulders. Ear cuffs were cool and edgy when they first came out in 2017, but the new season is expected to go in full sway with big earrings trend - hoops, massive earrings, fringe earrings and gold statement earrings (geometric shapes, bold and clean lines). Hoops have a long history of being in and out of pop culture, wherein Jennifer Lopez has made her signature for over two decades. While long and fringed earrings have been swaying off shoulder silhouettes to stand out, they also look simple and elegant with your favourite pair of jeans.

    Wide belts

    If you dont already have a wide belt lingering in your closet, we suggest you shop for one now, as this super-flattering accessory trend will be sticking around for some time. Instead of lace-ups or knot belts of 2017, a classic wide belt with a varied range of hues would be a good choice in the coming season. You can style them with any outfit, right from jeans to skirts or tunics to dresses etc. Since the high-waist pants are a rage, these waist watching belts are surely going to be the right match.

    The fringe binge

    Last but not the least is the fringed tassels, that is a blend of drama and femininity. From sweaters to evening gowns, pumps to purses and boots to stilettos, there are versatile uses of tassels on practically every type of product possible. There are many ways to make this trend work for your personal style, but for a more subtle touch, consider an accessory such as earrings, boots or a bag. You surely cant go wrong with any type of fringing coming up this season!

    (The author is a fashion expert at Fynd)

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  • 01/18/18--17:30: Beauty spot
  • I am in my 20s and I suffer from cystic acne. This has lowered my self-esteem and I have started avoiding social gatherings. Although I am on medication for this condition, I want to know if there are any home remedies that I can try out to reduce the outbreak and lighten the scars as well. Also please tell me which make-up products I can use to hide the blemishes. - Ranjana Sethi

    When acne heals, it can leave a red or hyper-pigmented mark on the skin, as a result of the inflammatory changes in the dermal layer of the skin. This actually is not a scar, but rather a post-inflammatory change. Kojic acid (a natural skin brightener derived from mushroom extract), arbutin (aka bearberry extract), and even vitamin C (ascorbic acid) are the ingredients you should look for in over-the-counter lightening creams. The topical skin care creams and medications can improve mild scarring, but most acne scars are best treated with a combination of peels and skin resurfacing treatments.

    Home remedies may not be very effective to revise the acne scars, but will help exfoliate the skin, which over a period of time can gradually help lessen the scars. Mix 2 tbsps of chickpea powder (besan), 1 tbsp of honey and 1 tbsp of milk. Make a thick paste and apply on your face. When the scrub dries off, rub in a circular motion to exfoliate the dead layers of skin. This scrub is good for people with oily skin. In case of dry skin condition, the same scrub can be used by substituting milk with full cream. You can use a concealer so that it covers your acne and boosts your confidence.

    I am 25 years old and I have recently started working in public relations. I have never applied make-up on my face and I have always felt conscious about putting something on my face. But now that I have to meet several clients on a daily basis, I feel this need to look sophisticated and poised. Can you please suggest some make-up tips for a beginner? - Dhwani Shah

    When make-up is used correctly, even the smallest eyes can be made to look large and expressive and the thinnest lips can have an enticing pout. Be the jaw line, nose or the cheekbones, there isnt any facial feature that cannot be accentuated with a touch of make-up. But there are a couple of factors that should be kept in mind before using anything on your face. Most importantly, ensure that your skin type is well suited to the kind of products you use.

    For work, I would advice you to keep it simple and never too loud. A concealer, which matches your skin tone, will help you get an even-toned look. A hint of blush on the cheeks highlights the bone and gives the face a good definition. Kohl is a staple for an Indian woman. It accentuates the eyes without weighing them down, making them look droopy. To achieve the perfect look, always draw the eyeliner with a steady hand, as this needs to be a defined line with no smudging. Line your lower lid with a kohl pencil. Keep this line within your lash line. If you want to make eyes appear wider, always apply mascara to complete the look.

    Great eyebrows make a huge difference in your look - they give definition to your features. And when filled and tweezed right they bring balance to your face and they make your expressions look more authentic.

    I am a new mother and I have been experiencing severe hair fall ever since I gave birth to my son. I have tried different oils and hair spa treatments. But nothing has helped so far. Is there anyway to stop this hair fall and restore my glorious mane? - Kalyani Iyer

    Post-partum, a womens body faces certain deficiencies and hormonal inconsistencies, which probably is the reason for your hair fall. Vitamin-B supplements and biotin taken regularly will help combat the nutritional deficiencies and reduce the hair fall. But do not take any medication if you are still lactating.

    Founder of SkinLab, Dr Jamuna Pai is a world renowned cosmetic physician. She is credited to have pioneered various skin treatments and techniques in the country.

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    Developing healthy eating habits isnt as confusing or as restrictive as many people imagine. Especially for people with impeding health issues like diabetes. People with diabetes have double the risk of heart disease and depression.

    Diabetes is often called a silent killer because of its easy-to-miss symptoms and risk of developing its complications even before diagnosis of the disease. Some of the symptoms to watch out for are:

    Frequent urination and excessive thirst

    * Weight loss

    * Hunger pangs

    * Itchy skin and slow healing of injuries

    * Fatigue and irritability

    * Blurred vision

    * Tingling or numbness in hands and feet

    Diabetes can be managed well with healthy eating, regular physical activity and weight management. Diet for diabetics doesnt have to be complicated. Here are some helpful tips to eat right:

    Follow a diet plan that includes plenty of vegetables and legumes.

    * Sources of high-fibre carbohydrates such as wholegrain breads, cereals and fruits are a must.

    * Consuming lean protein sources and low-fat dairy products will be beneficial in the long run.

    * Add spices as per taste. Reduce the intake of saturated fat and added sugars.

    * Cut down on the portion size of your meals to maintain a healthy body weight and for better blood glucose management.

    * Avoid frequent fasts or feasts. Maintain a reasonable interval of three to four hours between meals or snack.

    Taking steps to prevent or control diabetes doesnt necessarily mean living a life of deprivation.

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  • 01/18/18--17:34: A simple sweet succour
  • Jaggery is a natural product of sugarcane in an unrefined form. Unlike sugar that contains empty calories, jaggery is a good source of proteins, iron, zinc, selenium and phytochemicals. It is a good substitute for sugar as a sweetener and can be more easily digested. Jaggery has the ability to cleanse the liver and flush out the toxins. It also has antioxidant and anti-allergic properties.

    So what are you waiting for? Read on to know more about the many benefits of this humble ingredient, which is a part of every Indian kitchen:

    * A little piece of jaggery, with a pinch of rock salt, helps reduce flatulence.

    * Regular intake of jaggery boosts immunity as well as memory.

    * Jaggery helps keep the body warm in winters and hence sweets made of roasted black sesame and jaggery like ghazak and revadi abound in this season.

    * A good source of iron, jaggery helps increase HB content of the blood reducing the risk of anaemia.

    * Jaggery helps activate the digestive enzymes and eases constipation.

    * A healthy replacement to sugar, jaggery aids weight loss.

    * Jaggery contains glycolic acid that helps maintain good hair and skin and especially clears blemishes, wrinkles and scars.

    * Jaggery helps alleviate symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and period pain.

    * To reduce hot flashes during menopause, drink a concoction of a little garlic and jaggery in a hot cup of milk.

    * A combination of black til and jaggery alleviates symtoms of asthma.

    * A teaspoon of fresh ginger juice with a little jaggery powder, helps get rid of phlegm, whereas a little dry ginger powder with jaggery powder, relieves joint pain.

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  • 01/18/18--17:36: Just let it out!
  • Our fast-paced lives are full of challenges and growth. We are mentally charged all the time till we are completely spent. Like any other organ, our brain too is subject to fatigue and exposure to the normal wear and tear. Apart from the pleasure we feel because of the continuous growth of our mental faculty, there is only so much we can do because after a while, our mind, body and soul starts receding, thus, detracting from the original path of strength.

    This state of being is the beginning of depression, which occurs when we dont care for our physical and mental well-being. Medically, depression is a precursor to severe health conditions like heart diseases and even cancer.

    A quick look at the facts shared by the World Health Organisation are a reflection of how serious depression is. WHOs findings imply that depression is likely to trigger more deaths than cancer or heart disease. It is high time we realise what depression is, and learn to deal with it. Depression does not mean an individual is crazy; rather, it only means that a person is under acute mental stress.

    Psychosomatic therapy

    What do you do when you realise your near and dear one is in a state of depression? It is time to approach a professional consultant.

    Technically speaking, the brain shows flu-like symptoms, as there is a sudden drop in serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is a chemical or a neurotransmitter, which sends signals from the nerves to the brain to create mood balance. Psychosomatic therapy is used to treat this condition. But before the treatment, it is important to understand the symptoms and signs of depression. There are times when life can be hard, stressful and unbearable. There is a sudden spike in pain and disorders, which in turn, leads to mood fluctuations, imbalance and mental disturbances. These symptoms cannot be cured through medication.

    This is when the patient needs a psychoanalysis, enabled through a psychosomatic therapy. It is a simple procedure wherein the patient talks to the doctor about his or her state of mind. The doctor will pick up hints and understand the problem in a clinically productive way. So, in a way, it is an effortless procedure since all one has to do is to express his or her feelings.

    Fear or lack of oxygen supply in the brain is an outcome of too many negative thoughts, emotions and feelings cluttering the mind. Thus, venting out of feelings and emotions will show instant results. It is the first step towards curing depression.


    On the basis of your psychosomatic analysis, your doctor will follow a personalised approach to your treatment of depression. For example, the appointed clinical specialist will show you or tell you, what your mind is unable to perceive or see for the time being. Your doctor will show you the other side of the picture fixed in your mind and open a new path or a new line of sight for you. By doing this, the patient will be able to feel new emotions and fresh thought patterns, pulling him or her out of the depressed state of mind. It helps the patient see the world from a fresh perspective.

    For a positive outcome of this therapy, it is important for the patient to trust the doctor. It is similar to undergoing a physical treatment, only here it is more communication based and structured.


    Creating the right balance between your mind, body and soul is important to prevent depression. You need to feel things that are beyond the materialistic world. Taking a break from the routine will go a long way in relieving one from depression. Spiritual healing is the most therapeutic. You always have a choice to be spiritual. An enjoyable thing to do is to visit a wellness resort. It will rejuvenate you, giving you enough space and time to self-interact, have a blissful conversation with nature or people you like to travel with, detoxify, heal and feel organic, both mentally and physically.

    (The author is a specialist in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy)

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  • 01/18/18--17:40: Fit N' Fab
  • Q: I am 22-year-old weighing 61 kg with a height of 5 ft 3 inches. I used to be active in school and played sports, but as I entered college I hardly got time for physical activities. All these years I managed to maintain my weight at 48 kg but last year, all of a sudden I experienced massive weight gain. Now, I have even lost my stamina. Is there any way I can boost my stamina and follow a healthy weight-loss pattern. - Deeba Sadaf

    If you have been super active all through school and you abruptly stopped all physical activity, weight gain is bound to happen. The other reason could be some hormonal imbalance in the body, a sudden attack of thyroid can add weight and typically a 22-year-old is more prone to PCOD, which will again cause weight gain.

    Stamina loss can happen with hormonal imbalances and nutritional deficiencies, vitamin B12 deficiency makes you feel weak, tired and sleepy all the time and you will have zero energy. So the first thing to do is identify the weight gain reason. After we know the reason, we tackle it the right way.

    Q: I am a 34-year-old vegetarian teetotaller. I practice yoga everyday in the morning and I try to squeeze in an hour of aerobics or cardio in the evening. However, it is getting tiring to workout twice a day. After following the twice-a-day workout plan for three to four days at a stretch, I started feeling dizzy and weak, instead of feeling energised. I have consulted a doctor, got my blood tested. The reports are normal. I have also have tried to include protein supplements and multivitamin tablets in my diet. However, nothing has helped me improve my stamina. Please suggest a few ways in which I can increase my stamina and endurance. - Sudharshan Raghavan

    Very happy to hear you love exercising. However, what is the need to workout twice a day? Are you not giving your 100% with the first workout? If no, you just give it your all in that one hour of workout, yoga or aerobics or weight training. You should be crawling out by the end of one hour. If yes, then you do not need two workouts.

    What you need is to mix your workouts, between cardio, strength, flexibility and mobility. And, eat right to maintain high metabolism. Get a good pre-workout snack, a small bowl of oats with some nuts, 45 minutes before workout will help you deliver more and a protein-based post-workout munch will help you recover well. Seven to eight hours of sleep is essential to feel energised and to improve stamina and three litres or more of water is required to keep your energy levels up.

    Shwetambari Shetty is a zumba trainer, who specialises in planning a variety of wellness schedules such as CrossFit, functional and kettlebell exercises. She is a fitness expert at CureFit.

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  • 01/18/18--17:42: Stem your diseases
  • Urban lifestyle can be a bane as much as a boon. Certain diseases and disorders have become a common occurrence thanks to our sedentary routine and stress. Our health is a result of a combination of genetic, nutritional, socio-cultural, economic factors and physical infrastructure.

    Lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases are affecting the health of thousands of people everyday. Stem cell therapies have an immense potential in treating the incurable and irreversible lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, Parkinsons and Alzheimers, bringing this therapy at the centre stage of medical evolution.

    However, there are certain other lifestyle disorders that are taking a toll on the human health like hair fall, ageing, blindness and infertility. Here again, stem cell therapy acts as regenerative medicine by repairing dysfunctional or injured tissue. Lets examine the role of stem cell therapy in curing lifestyle disorders:

    Hair loss

    Hair loss is a frustrating and embarrassing experience as one ages. Voluminous hair is associated with vitality and youth. Stem cell therapy may be the key to bringing back those lost strands of hair, which are turned into hair follicle cells and transplanted onto denuded parts of the scalp or body. Compared to the invasive methods like hair replacement surgeries, researchers have genetically modified adult human skin cells to form an epithelial stem cell. This cell is one of the building blocks for functioning hair follicles and produces structurally recognisable hair shafts.

    Fertility treatment

    Infertility problems have been a major source of concern for Indian couples lately because of changes in lifestyle and stress. While poor sperm count plays a major role in male infertility, female infertility is an outcome of health disorders like polycystic ovarian disorder or PCOD. Stem cells are being considered as potential new therapeutic agents for the treatment of infertility, wherein the cells could be stimulated in-vitro to develop various numbers of specialised cells including male and female gametes, given their potential use in reproductive medicine.

    Anti-ageing treatment

    As we age, a large number of cells in our bodies get replaced and our bodys ability to produce new cells decreases drastically. Body fat is the richest source of adult stem cells in the human body. They carry the incredible capacity to not only divide to form more stem cells, but also to differentiate into specialised cells to regenerate dying or damaged tissues. Stem cell treatments help in reloading the supply of stem cells, allowing the body to repair and rejuvenate with younger looking skin. By inserting these stem cells, along with some fat tissue into the areas of the face with wrinkles, the face is subtly altered without letting it lose its distinctiveness.


    For those suffering from visual impairment, the thought of getting their eyesight back may seem like an impossible dream. Macular degeneration is a leading cause of vision loss in older adults, and when it strikes, it affects the area of the eye that is helps see fine details. Through stem cell therapy, stem cells are injected into the rear of the eye in order to replace the damaged photoreceptors, which are small but crucial cells found in the retina. These photoreceptors are sensitive to light and are vital to a persons ability to see things.

    The advent of clinical researches on stem cell therapies is a ray of hope to reverse the effects of these disorders.

    (The author is CEO, Advancells)

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  • 01/18/18--17:46: Battle to be the best
  • We all struggle to discover the best potential inside us. Many a times, we get lost in the crowd because the opportunities that come our way look like the best option. In this day and age, where we have a pool of jobs in different fields and industries growing at a fast pace, its important for us to take some time out to think about our best potential. The satisfaction of knowing we are utilising our best set of skills at work and in life provides a great sense of self-confidence and helps bring down the stress levels. The quality of life becomes better, giving shape to happy families and societies.

    Lets learn about techniques that can help us become the best version of ourselves, socially, financially and mentally. The pressure of fitting in can make us adopt a personality that is not entirely ours and over time, it can cause a tremendous amount of stress. So here are ways in which we can carry our own personality in society, without any pressure to fit in.

    Take full responsibility

    Recognise that the best version of yourself should be your vision, not anybody elses. Dont waste your energy trying to live up to what somebody else wants you to be. Stop putting the responsibility of who you are and who you becoming on external factors. While becoming your best, you must first believe that becoming better is in your control. Take the onus of who you are and own what youve been doing up to this point. Try to be real with yourself and believe that its your own hard work that got you so far in life. You are in the drivers seat of your life, even when it doesnt feel like it and today, you are moving in a different direction. Once you take 100% responsibility, you will change the direction of your life and take it where you want to be.


    Stop pretending to know things you dont know. Youll never learn anything if you pretend to already know everything. This is one of the most important steps towards greatness, we stop learning once we are out of college. Ask yourself what is that one thing you wish to learn, that would have a positive effect on your life? Is it becoming a better communicator, a writer, a better parent, a better partner etc? Identify that one thing you can learn that will impact your life, work or school. And, work towards learning it.


    When was the last time you created something? For example, a blog post, a thank you note, a recent chapter in your book or a new workout routine. Imagine if you got into the habit of creating every day, of convincing yourself that you can create anything you want. You can create the life you want, but you just need to start. What is that one small meaningful thing you can create today? Once your creative energies start rolling, new opportunities will come your way and take you closer to who you want to become.

    Take massive action

    Stop looking for a secret trick. There is no miraculous shortcut to finding a better version of yourself. What will other people think? What if I fail? How difficult will it really be? Reflecting and analysing is great and can help you make better decisions, but overthinking is deadly. Overthinking kills your courage, creativity and consistency. Move forward. Pay attention. Adjust. Move again. Make sure you spend every day moving just a tiny bit closer to your best. Remember path to success is massive action.

    In good company

    Do the people around you bring out the best in you? This is a simple question, that cant be avoided. If I were to ask you, "During the hard times, who contributed to the pain, failure and lack of progress?" You could probably give me a list, right? The same holds true for the good times. Great times come from being with great people. Surround yourself with amazing people. If you cant find any, look for them in new places. Theyre out there, and theyre waiting to meet you and believe in you. If you do not find them in person, you can find them in books, videos, podcasts etc.

    Stay excited

    Are you happy? No, let me rephrase that question... Are you excited about your life? I wish I could tell you that working on yourself and your dreams is easy. Most of the times its not. Honestly, there will be times when you will feel like quitting. And for a short while, you just might. The idea here is to get excited about what you are doing and remind yourself all the time that you have greatness within you. Stay excited about your work. Know that your best days are ahead of you, irrespective of your age.

    Travel & explore

    Where have you been lately? It doesnt matter if its abroad or within your own self. Its time to travel, the need to explore new places, new people, new ways of looking at the world, new perspective on problems and exploring new interests that you didnt even know you had yet. Its difficult for us to know what we want in life, if we havent explored our life enough to see whats really inside of us. And, whats inside of us only gets mixed up and brought to the surface when we explore, get out of our comfort zone and force ourselves to figure things out. So, the next time you have an opportunity to explore, just go for it.

    Enjoy the journey

    Becoming a better person, a leader or a success story - takes times. Trust me, there will be days where it feels like you are making no progress at all. There will be times when you are convinced that all this effort is not worth it. Thats when you know youre taking everything a little too seriously and you need to have fun again.

    Be excited about the problems you have. See them as blessings. Most problems people have, are really, good problems. For example, if youre having a hard time starting your business, think about the amazing and rare opportunity you have to even start one, own one, and get it going. People would kill to have that kind of problem.


    There will be times when you need to completely turn off and shut down. Literally, just like your computer. Its amazing how that thing works 10 times better when you restart it. Youre the same way. Whether youre working on yourself, a new work routine, rebuilding a broken relationship, changing careers… find time to pause, rest and chill.

    Love yourself

    Celebrate the small victories, another huge one right here! Loving yourself is huge! Its everything. Just take a second now and say, "I love myself." Breathe. Say it again. See how that feels. None of us are perfect and we will never be. We cant become better people if we are constantly putting ourselves down and injecting shame into our life. Shame is one of the most powerful negative emotions we can feel and will stop us dead in our tracks to growth.

    Love others

    Think about some people in your life who support you. Have you told them recently how great you think they are. Think about someone who has wronged you, criticised you or talked behind your back. Are you still angry with them? Will you love everyone, of course not. But, its fair to say that everyone deserves forgiveness and, that loving others makes you feel better, in control and stronger. We have all made mistakes. And, we have all appreciated when someone forgave us so pay it forward.

    Take risks

    When was the last time you did something that scared you? And, it doesnt have to be skydiving or shark-cage diving. Maybe, its making a phone call or looking for a new job, taking a class or learning a new skill. Maybe, its finally putting down the concern of other peoples opinions of what you should be doing with your life. Take the risk. Youre worth it and you will figure it out, but you need to have faith.

    Help others

    Pay it forward because doing so will keep you motivated on your own path, and youll find that the lasting connections you build by helping others will greatly benefit you in moving forward.

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  • 01/18/18--22:42: The formula for fun
  • Brooks and Bonds Brewery' in Koramangala is the new kid on the block. The brewery from the outside looks like an under construction building, but the story starts only when you step in.

    The three-floor plus a rooftop seating is as massive as it sounds. And it is not only about its huge structure, the ambience has also been well planned and is kept quite spacious.

    The first thing that you will notice about this microbrewery is the rustic feel of the place. Each floor has been thoughtfully designed and makes one feel like they are inside a laboratory, the chemical formulas on the wall, the creatively constructed beer pipelines and the stop clocks adds to the experience.

    Settle down as you have to explore the menu carefully. Though some of the dishes on the menu are quite common. There are still a few out-of-the-box items. Another thing that catches one's attention is the names of the dishes. They are quirky, creatively and uncomplicated.

    Relax with a glass of 'Hot Passion', a vodka infused cocktail. The sweet and sour taste with a punch of chilli is surely a refreshing drink after a long day at work. If you are in a mood for a mocktail, you can go for a 'Mango Madness'. Quench your thirst with the perfectly blended mango, strawberry pomo and cream.

    Coming to the food, you can ask for a plate of 'Bhatti Ka Tandoori Chicken' and the 'Chicken Tikka Sliders' if you are in a mood to start your meal with non-vegetarian starters. Otherwise, ask for a plate of 'Bhutta Aur Hari Mirch Ki Galoti'. This corn 'Tikki' will be a good start for all the vegetarians out there. You can also much on their crispy 'Beer Batter Onion Rings' and the well-spiced 'French Fries' with your drinks. The freshly made Mayonnaise is made to suit the taste buds.

    While you enjoy your starters, place an order for your main course already. The service is a little slow, hence you wouldn't want to wait long for your food. You can ask for a 'Cream Cheese Penne Pasta' and a bowl of 'Subz Biryani'.

    You will not regret having the cheesy pasta. The portion is just perfect for one person. The well-cooked rice of the biryani will be a blessing to a hungry tummy and the thick 'Raita' is definitely a taste enhancer. Since the quantity is generous enough. In the dessert section, there are many options like 'Rum and Raisin Ice cream' to 'Red Velvet' and 'Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake' to satiate your sweet cravings.

    'Brooks and Bonds Brewery' is located at 4, 100 Feet Road, Koramangala 5th Block.

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  • 01/18/18--22:44: Wrapped in happiness
  • Theres something about smaller eateries that draw the crowd. In this case, its the food offered at California Burrito that brings foodies together.

    Started by two Americans who wanted to bring a bit of home to our country, California Burrito has made its new home on Bannerghatta Road. Though its been a few months since it opened its new branch there, its still a place that many foodies rave about.

    The ambience isnt big enough to hold a large party but if youre someone who needs to grab a quick bite, this is just ideal for you.

    The menu offered here is self-explanatory. You just have to take your pick from what you want and the toppings and protein will follow. If youre in the mood for a rice bowl, top it with Peri Peri Chicken or BBQ Chicken and vegetables of your choice.

    Though you might think that the bowl will not suffice you, hold that thought! Some even struggle to finish that delicious rice bowl. Each ingredient is well-cooked and no matter which topping you choose to add, rice bowls are always a winner.

    As the name suggests, burritos are one of their specialities. Again, the quantity is good enough to fill you up and wish that you could take a nap after. If youre a vegetarian, you can opt for the Mexican Paneer Burrito or Peri Peri Potato.

    For non-vegetarians, You have the option of Mexican Chicken and BBQ Chicken, among others. As its supposed to be, burritos are a little messy to eat, but saving the sauce thats dripping from your hand is also the fun part of enjoying a burrito.

    Tacos here are also a must-try. Choose your protein and topping and bite into the cheesy taco. If you want something a bit more filling, the Quesadillas
    are recommended. They offer Chilli Cheese Wave, Mexican Veg Fiesta and Cheesy Chicken Dominator.

    Though the menu is small, theres something for everyone here. like nachos and salad too. If you want extra guacamole or spicy mayo, dont shy away from asking!

    You should be warned that apart from the great quantity and quality offered, do tell the serves how much spice you want to be added to your dish.

    California Burrito is located on 17, Bannerghatta Main Road, Sundar Ram Shetty Nagar, Panduranga Nagar.

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